Coorg visit, March 2016

Coorg, India

Coorg, also known as Scotland of the India is situated in Kodagu district of Karnataka state. Coorg is known to many as the land of peaceful forests and hills, weekend retreats, coffee plantations, and home to the only community in India that’s allowed to carry a gun without a permit.

I had a chance to visit this place in the end of March. The place is situated in the stack of hills, where I was able to see the beauty of nature and to wonder about the place. The place has its own history and importance. In the cover of this post you can see how beautiful it is, when we see it from the top. We stayed in a vintage villa, which was approximately 6 km far from the ground and situated on the top of the hill. The hills are completely covered by trees and coffee plants. This is that kind of a place where you can pass hours staring at the magnificence of nature with a curled up book, perhaps.

The languages presently spoken in Kodagu are Kodava, Are Bhashe, Kannada, Kasaragod Malayalam, Yerava, Kuruba, Konkani, Urdu, Tulu and English. Kodava language is the native language of this place, which is different than Kannada.

The morning of Coorg is beautiful and amazing. After we woke up, the first thing we loved was the fresh mint tea and that too without milk. It was made of mint leafs, cardamom, ginger, lavang and a small amount of sugar.

Vintage villa, where we stayed for 3 days visit.
Relax after long trekking.
Glasses and buckets decoreted in the vintage villa.
Water fall pic from below.
Fall without water, in rainy season one can't stand on the place from where this pic is taken.
Fall water stored on the top.
Old books and poster from the history of Kodagu.
Buckets and posters of the peoples who made the place great and popular.
Flower pic, while trekking.
Peoples are chilling out in sunny weather.
Warning board before entering to the danger zone.
Lotus plants.
Night in Coorg.

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