Hi there!

I’m Ritesh Shrivastav. I live in India. I’m enthusiastic programmer, I love thinking and implementing my thoughts. I started programming in 2008 when I was the student of bachelors. I earned my Bachelor’s with Computer Application from RSMT, Varanasi in 2011 and Masters in Computer Application from SRM University in 2014.

My first code I had written for saying “Hello” to the computers in C, but I feel that learning a language is not interesting than knowing how it works. I started with Basic when I was in high-schools, later in under graduation I learnt C language and developed basic applications and mini-games.

Later I learnt .NET framework and worked in windows development environment with C# then C++, Java, PHP. Now days I code in Linux environment for writing web applications, where I use PHP, Node.js in backend and React.js, redux in client side. Currently I’m learning Go language.

Why Blogging?

I research things I find interesting, then commit my research with a blog post where I can easily find things. Hopefully other people will find these posts helpful, relevant, or interesting.


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Ritesh Shrivastav