Streamlining Webhook Handling

How we improved our process of handling webhooks.

Reading and Writing with Kindle Scribe

Why I got a Kindle Scribe and upgraded from Kindle Voyage.

Maintainable Code - Good and Bad

How to improve code for better maintainability.

The Psychology of Money

Reading notes from The Psychology of Money

Automation Journey

Thoughts about automation mindset and journey to automate stuff.

Guide to Write Better React Apps

Best practices to follow when using Redux and writing React apps.

Gut Feeling

Thoughts on intuition.


Thoughts on normality.

Implementing OKR

Thoughts on OKR and how to get started.

UX Notes for Code Review Process

Thoughts on user experience and notes for the code review process.

Started Using oh-my-zsh

Setting up oh-my-zsh and problems with default Terminal app

5 points to remember when writing JavaScript code

Points to consider when writing JavaScript code

Managing Time

Learning from 2018 for managing time

Waking Up

Thoughts on waking up

Best practices for Wireframing

Points to consider when you are wireframing

R.I.P. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Rest in peace Atal Bihari Vajpayee

We Got Married

Starting another phase of life

Don't make me think

Reading notes from Don't make me think

Diwali 2017

Wrote first poem on Diwali

Finally using Docker, goodbye Vagrant

Started using Docker for development

Lesson learned from my trainer

Lesson learned from my gym trainer


Thoughts about distraction

How we achieved MySQL HA using ProxySQL

Thoughts on ProxySQL, HAProxy for MySQL

Good bye 2016, welcome 2017

Learnings from 2016

A day with pencil and paper

Learning how to draw sketch arts

Small device in hand

After a long time small device in hand

Installing macOS Sierra

Upgrading to macOS Sierra after one year of El Capitan

Hey Siri on macOS

Make Siri appear when you say - "Hey Siri" in the same way how you enable it in iPhones

2 years of blogging

Thoughts on blogging and why I'm still doing it

Getting started with Beanstalkd

Introduction to Beanstalkd, a messaging middleware system

Being in the zone

Being in the zone is a part of developer productivity flow.

PHP with ReactJs - End to end setup

Setting up ReactJs with PHP 7 using Laravel framework

Computer Knowledge v2 has been released

New design, theme and everything for

Production ready ReactJs development

Setting up production ready ReactJs development environment

A day with React.js

Thoughts on React.js and how it's making life easier

R.I.P. APJ Abdul Kalam

Rest in peace A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Best laptops for programming

Thoughts on programmable machines

Oileus - A small frametype for JavaScript

Built first javascript framework to write application centric code

Best reads from 2014

Books which I read through 2014

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