Mysore visit, October 2012

Mysore, India

Chamundeshwari Temple atop the Chamundi Hills.
Chamundeshwari Temple atop the Chamundi Hills.
Nut selling shop atop the Chamundi Hills.
A rangoli on the top of Chamundi Hills.
At Chamundi Hill.
Navaratri Puja, Durga Mata Darshan.
Bus service for top of the hill.
Mysore city view from the top of hill.
Mysore Palace.
Mysore Palace.
Photographer's discussion in Mysore Palace :)
Inside the Mysore Palace.
In Mysore Palace, Playing with the statue.
Golden view of Mysore Palace.
Mysore Palace.
Mysore Palace lightning.
Durga mata Temple in the way of Chamundi Hill top to Nandi Place.

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