Nainital visit, June 2012

Nainital, India

Nainital also known as "The Lake District of India", situated in Uttarakhand state of India is coolest place I have ever visited. This place has history, and this place is named on the name of supreme goddess Naina. This place is situated 2,084 mtr above sea level. Nainital has one of the oldest golf courses in India; the 18-hole golf course dates back to 1926 and which was opened to the public only in 1994. Due to the lake on its northern end, it rains almost every afternoon in Nainital. The world famous Jim Corbett National Park is less than two hours’ drive from Nainital, it's the oldest national park of India.

Nainital has temperate summers, maximum temperature 27 °C; minimum temperature 7 °C. In winter, Nainital receives snowfall between December and February with the temperatures varying between a maximum of 15 °C and a minimum of −3 °C.

Traditional Kumaon food is readily available in Nainital, it includes varieties such as Chudkani, Bhattiya, Guatras And Mattha. The fresh tea with Jira or plain puff(also known as Samosa in east Uttar Pradesh), you can find each evening on the cart and you must try it.

Nainital is also famous for handmade candles, home-made jams, squashes, juice concentrates and fruit preservatives. You can buy all this and more from authentic shops in Bara Bazaar, The Mall Road, Bhotia Bazaar and Mallitaal.

You should avoid visiting in monsoon season as the roads clog due to heavy down pour.

Nainital lake
We stayed at one of the resort, which was on the top of hill.
Morning view from the room.
We, the we!! staring at the camera.
Oho, forefathers of human. Don't try to mess with them.
Pic is take from the top, cloud is entering.
Board outside zoo, read it carefully.
That cave what you see beind the plants, is the home of some wild animal.
See behind the board, it's the same animal about whom it's written on the board.
Deer, shying away because of camera.
Trekking to our resort.
Nainital lake in the mango shape.
Someone said, it's lover point; but I see it as danger point. :o
No we'll not jump from here.
Nainital lake
Oh, what a view. Sunset!
People taking tea and Jira.
Nainital lake.
Market behind the Nainital lake.
Peoples taking pics in local costume.
Horses near Bhimtaal.
Boats in Bhimtaal, you can take and use it.

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