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I believe that there is no replacement of desktop, when you love gaming or programming. Because the parts in desktop you can assemble is depends on the way you want to configure it and there is one more nonsense reason that you can hit badly to keyboards when you lost a game or because of some small typo you wasted more time in debugging your code :P. Here is an interesting answer why laptops can’t replace the desktops for any uses.

Then also we use laptops for obvious reason Portability, but when it comes to laptops, we don’t have much choice but we can make our choice by having a monitor, an external keyboard and mouse. In this way when we want we can work at desk and when we want to code somewhere we can plug out these external peripherals. Does it make sense? Later again we need to choose the monitors and keyboards of our choice and use, which again depends on your use which one makes your work easy and comfortable.

There are two keyboards in this world what I’ll prefer for one is the Code Keyboard which is mainly designed for coding and another is Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. These are the cool keyboards for coding, the second one is what I use because there was no option for purchasing the first one in India, when I was looking for a keyboard. But these two are awesome design in terms of use.

Now again coming to the original discussion of selecting the laptops, before we make any choice we must decide which operating system we are using or want to use for development. If you want to choose Macintosh OS, there is no choice left for you other then choosing a Macbook. If I will have to choose anything from Macbook series I will go for Macbook Pro 13 which is the best laptop.

But when you are coming in the family of Linux or Windows you have more choice to choose the laptops. Again Macobook can be used to work with these operating system but the Macbook is not best with Linux or Windows, because if you will compare the performance of Macbook with other laptops you will find that it’ll be worst to choose Macbook for Linux or Windows.

Most of the developer community loves Linux because, it’s only OS which is highly customizable for any use. But when it comes to gaming I prefer windows over Linux, when it comes to designing I again choose Windows or Macintosh. When I have done with the selection of OS for my use, it’ll be very easy to concentrate on the Brands and specific series of selected Brand.

HP, Dell and Lenovo are trusted brands which you can choose any laptops by considering some simple facts like-

  1. Keyboard
  2. Screen size
  3. Memory and Processors
  4. Battery backup
  5. Weight
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