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Books which I read through 2014

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In the starting of 2014, I didn’t thought that the list will be long and I’ll be able to go through the books. But here are my top books from 2014, which I found interesting in this year. The best website for searching about books is as I do feel but in last of the year the journey stopped at because I got more and more collection here. So here we go for the list and my reviews about these awesome books what I’ll suggest for anyone to read.

Code : The hidden language of Hardware and Software

Understanding! Umm a serious word what you can listen from a researchers of the artificial intelligence area. There can be many perception about one thing for many people but the one which make sense deserve attention. This one has never allowed me to leave the book while reading. From a thought of old days when there was no computational machines to the day when everywhere computational machine are available. Charles Petzold has explained very carefully about how the system works. There are a lot of programmers, who solve a lot of problems in their daily life but some time they miss the inner process of the machine, that how this goes. This book has almost succeed to explain this inner theme of computational machine. The virtual journey was amazing, the second last reading of the year became my first choice of top books from the year.

Code Complete

This is an awesome book, what I do feel everyone from basic to advance programmer must read. I got to know about this book from Jeff, written on his blog. I liked the way he explained about the book and added it to my shelf for reading. I felt like many of the points that Steve brought up were fairly obvious once you’ve been working as a Software Developer. If you are new to programming, want to move to a more professional level of programming or just plain have plenty of time on your hands this is a great book. Even you are more experienced programmer I can bet that you can’t say that you haven’t learned something from this book.

The Art of Computer Programming (Volume 1)

If you love knowing bit and byte of machines, you’ll defiantly enjoy reading this book. I loved the explanation of this book. I got this book from Wikipedia when I was reading about the computer scientist Donald E. Knuth. When I was reading this book, it took a lot of time to understand the explanation, and still I have not completed the book but I found this book very interesting.

How Long is a Piece of String?

This book I got from my secret Santa in last of the year and last of the month and tweeted here :). I enjoyed reading this book for many reasons.

Happy Readings :)

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