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tl;dr Computer Knowledge has been updated with new design, articles are categorized and now it’s not just blog. Now there are five major sections - news, tutorials, persons, photos and videos. Each section contains post with related nature and topics.

Initially when Computer Knowledge was published for first time, I had never thought that it will come this long. Currently it had 166 posts covering solutions to general issues where most of the users stuck. And at most of the time, I was covering those issues where I stuck. It’s always very much interesting to learn and write about the stacks when you are thinking about it. So it included those posts as well.

Below are the major changes in Computer Knowledge-

News focus

With keeping in mind that things are changing on day basis. One should be more interested in knowing what’s new. Right? I was also thinking the same from long time and thought this update should have this thing live.


Organized meaningful posts in related category, many more coming in this.

Photos and Videos

Section is basically about having articles related to history and videos of “how to” and “explaination”.


I was receiving mails from people for updating posts and keep it updating. And I was also hearing from people to contribute in Computer Knowledge. In this update of Computer Knowledge it’s possible. Very soon the steps will be updated.

Section oriented posts

As you can see there are sections, so now it’ll be easy to navigate on related topics directly.


The Computer Knowledge timeline has much more to say. From blogger to wordpress, and again from wordpress to jekyll; Computer Knolwedge has been updated many times. The intention was always to keep the UI more meaningful and clean.

In case you want to say something about this, or have any suggestion please contact us here.

Stay tuned for more update. :)

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