Lesson learned from my trainer

Lesson learned from my gym trainer

Ritesh Shrivastav
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In starting of this year, I had decided to work upon few things on myself. The list was not so long because I knew if it’ll be long then I’ll never be able to follow this. In the list I had “exercise” as the last point, but I was not able to follow up on it.

When you are not doing physical exercise, it results in many consequences and your Dad’s admonition. From last week, I was able to make it work as per the plan and after a week, today morning I had discussion with my Gym trainer about things in which he is perfect but I’m not. He shared his insights about everything I asked, below are list of myth I had and he cleared it off-

1. I can eat whatever I want long as I exercise!

If you’re not willing to address poor eating habits, no amount of training can save you. The calories you burn during a workout are a mere fraction of your daily consumption. So you won’t get very far if you can’t take responsibility for your dietary decisions.

2. No pain, no gain!

If you find yourself in pain often, there is a chance that you are overtraining. When you start exercising, it is normal to experience some muscle ache and soreness. However if this extends to your joint pain, prolonged muscle and tendon strain, you’ll have to consider taking a break from your routine. The old saying of “No pain, no gain” holds true as long as you are not hurting yourself.

3. Sitting long hours is not harmful as long as you exercise

Sitting is the new smoking as long, uninterrupted hours of sitting are proven to be hazardous. Desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles are the major culprits here. The solution is to stay active, apart from your regular exercise session. This can be achieved by preferring stairs over the elevator, walking instead of driving whenever possible, taking a 10 minute stretch break at work. As you go through your day, keep in mind that every step really does count.

4. Exercising on an empty stomach burns fat

This is one of the more popular misconceptions that people fall prey to. After a night’s sleep, your muscles are depleted of glycogen, that serves as a fuel for the proper functioning of your brain and muscles. You’re likely to exercise less intensely on an empty stomach which could decrease the amount of calories you burn.

I advise to have fruits such as banana or apple about 30 minutes prior to your workout. These are rapidly digestible carbohydrates that will help you make best of your exercise routine.

5. More sweat equates to more calories burnt

Sweating is your body’s way of maintaining its normal temperature. How much or how little you sweat does not correlate with the calories you expend. When it coms to number of calories burned, it’s the duration and intensity of the workout that matters. So resist the temptation to gauge the effectiveness of your workout solely based on how much you sweat.

Stay wise and healthy.

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