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Learning how to draw sketch arts

Ritesh Shrivastav
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Today evening I started reading a book “How Long is a Piece of String?” by Rob Eastaway. If you have few hours to read this book, it’s worth spending time with this interesting book. But before I be in the zone, few thoughts were running in my mind about to learn and sketch something. From many days, I wanted to learn this skill so that I can draw something which I can imagine in my mind.

Expressing something in the more realistic way is very much important when you want a quality communication and transmission of ideas. For example, if you want to remind someone about a song you listened last time, rather than explaining the song lyrics if you can sing in the same tune; it will be easy to the next person to understand things quickly. This is a very basic example of why you need to be more specific. But it gets more complex when it comes to explaining something which you imagine in your mind. You can’t express it in words because the person next to you can imagine something entirely different than what you wanted to express. But if it’s shown graphically, it makes more easier to understand.

Let’s dive into the process of how I spent few hours to learn sketching and some of the results.

I was curious to make few sketches. I started watching a tutorial which was about drawing basic objects. There were few hints which were more important to me as a beginner. Below is my first drawing which I made when I was watching this tutorial.

First sketch

Through this tutorial, one thing was clear to me that I needed to have very clear control over my pencil and it should not move much or less than the shape then I imagine while watching this tutorial.

After drawing this basic tutorial, it’s suggested to observe objects around me and try to draw them on paper. With practices, it will be easy to imagine and construct your mindset to think in the way which will help you to express your visual thoughts on the paper.

Still things were not clear to me. Again I started watching another tutorial in which they have explained how to draw a realistic eye. While watching the tutorial, below is the sketch which I’ve made-

Eye sketch

Now I was little confident. So next to this I had below image which appeared simpler to me to draw on paper, without any tutorial.

Original Image

I started drawing it on paper and below is the result.

Final sketch

This wasn’t perfect sketch as you can clearly see, there are many things to improve. But this was fun, and I hope if anytime I’ll try to draw something in future it should be more realistic. :)

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