Small device in hand

After a long time small device in hand

Ritesh Shrivastav
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There is no wonder why people love Apple products, the one thing which makes any Apple product different from the others that the design is simple and behind the simplicity, there is much logical thought process which makes them perfect.

I have seen many people jump into the discussion of Android vs iOS and it gets interesting when the person discussing have used all devices because they know each OS and device has its own advantages and problems.

The day before yesterday I ordered one iPhone from Amazon and it got delivered within one day, and I was interested in exploring this.

Life with Lenovo Vibe P1

Before this new device, I was using Lenovo Vibe P1 which is a great phone ever I have used. To list down the good things I have observed while using the phone are-

Great battery backup

When it comes to a smartphone, you will find all features interesting but battery backup will be poor on these phones. But Lenovo Vibe was amazing at it. After charging it once you don’t need to charge it again for more than 56hrs. And if you want to charge, it won’t take more than 45-60 mins to fully charge the device. This device is perfect when you’re looking for good battery backup.


While using the device, there are always chances that your device will fall down. After purchasing it in just one week it has fallen down on many times and till now there is no scratch on the screen, even if I am not using any screen guard. Also, it has a wonderful display of 1920*1080.


Camera quality is also good on this phone. All the pics in this blog has been taken using this phone’s camera. But these are not original pics because I have compressed the images using sips so that the pages can load faster in slow internet connections as well. In my latest photostream post, you can click on any image and see the uncompressed picture taken from the device.

What went wrong?

The thing which I didn’t like about Lenovo Vibe P1 was the size and weight it carries. Also sometimes you will feel that the apps are not responding, which introduces another issue of sensors not working properly and it leads to the ripple effect. Finally, you’ll need to restart the device.

So it was the time when I wanted to switch to small size phone which can be carried and used as a phone. The title of this post came in my mind because of this post on Instagram, which I have made just after opening the box-

After a long time small device in hand 😁

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The device is looking very small. Maybe this is because I’m using this device after a large device, and when you move from large display to small display your eyes will not accept this change immediately.

After opening the box, the first thing I did was setting up the phone then checking my blog on the iPhone and the next was updating the iOS. I find iPhone 5s better than 6s because it has all the features including fingerprint authentication and a powerful 64-Bit processor, and it’s much cheaper.

The only thing I will miss from my older phone is the battery backup.

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