Hey Siri on macOS

Make Siri appear when you say - "Hey Siri" in the same way how you enable it in iPhones

Ritesh Shrivastav
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On iOS devices, you can activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri.” But in case of macOS Sierra, voice command is not available but it can be done through the Siri preferences. Here you basically use dictation to activate Siri.

Change Siri keyboard shortcut

To change your Siri keyboard shortcut, follow these steps-

  1. Open System Preferences and navigate to Siri.
  2. Click on Keyboard Shortcut and select “Customize” and then press the key you want to use.

Create a Dictation command to activate Siri

Now that you have configired keyboard shortcut, here are the steps to make “Hey Siri” work on your macOS.

  1. In System Preference, click on Keyboard icon
  2. Click on the Dictation tab
  3. Turn it ON and then mark “Use Enhanced Dictation” active. After this you may have to perform a download, which allows you to use Dictation when you are offline as well.
  4. Now select “Accessibility” from “View” menu bar.
  5. Once Accessibility preference is open, select Dictation from the left column.
  6. Click on “Enable the dictation keyword phrase”, and replace “Computer” with “Hey”
  7. Click on Dictation Commands button, and mark “Enable advanced command” active in overlay window appeared.
  8. Click the + button, this will allow you to create a custom command. Enter the following
    • When I say: Siri
    • While using: Any application
    • Perform: Press the keyboard shortcut you used for Siri after selecting “Press Keyboard Shortcut…“.
  9. Click Done.

Customize the voice command

Now when you say “Hey Siri” to your macOS, a Siri window will open. And if you have your iPhone nearby, Siri will show up on your iPhone too. You can remove this ambiguity by changing the dictation keyword phrase with your own word, like “Hello”.

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