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Thoughts on blogging and why I'm still doing it

Ritesh Shrivastav
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On July 27th, 2014, I made my first real appearance on the global village by registering codingdash.com.

I was in college when I started my first blog Computer Knowledge in 2010 and the posts were always targeted to solve basic problems and some hacks what I was playing around; those articles eventually getting picked up from online tutorials. Also, many people have contributed some of their writing on the blog.

Though codingdash.com is my first personal blog. Nowadays people tend to decorate single landing page with a photo and link to their social profile, but still, I love to write long posts.

When I graduated from SRM University, codingdash.com was registered and was hosted on blogger. After registration, it was a long time when I had published a post at the end of 2014 about the books which I’ve gone through in the year.

From the time when I started writing here, I had published 10 articles and 6 photo sets. The number indicates that till now it has been very less time what I gave to write posts, because for writing posts or articles you need to be in the zone. As such, I no longer care too much about sticking to a particular publishing trend. I’ll only write if I can say something interesting and dive deep on a topic.

I have redesigned and rebuilt site many times, I’m trying to simplify and organize my site. After one year of being on the web with blogger, I had migrated the site from blogger to jekyll. It’s now just markdowns and usages no database system that can be migrated anywhere in the future.

While blogging, I have learned many things. Here’re 5 things that I’ve learned from blogging over the last 2 years-

  • If you don’t feel ok with something, don’t do it.
  • It’s ok to try stuff out just to see how you feel about it.
  • You won’t always feel like blogging or have something to blog about and that’s ok.
  • Blogging can be fun or stressful depending on how much pressure you put on yourself.
  • Blogging is a journey and a voyage of self-discovery.

Why I do it

For me, blogging here is a queue of creativity and an immutable personal project where I can tinker with creative ideas and various web technologies. It’s also a channel through which I can share my thoughts with the world. Writing articles also finds a way to connect me with other like-minded folks online.

Thank you for reading.

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